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Physically, aggregates are composed of geological materials such as stone, sand, and gravel and are used in virtually all forms of construction. They can be used in their natural state or can be crushed into smaller pieces.

Our crushed granite aggregates product range includes:
- 20mm aggregates
- 10mm chipping
- quarry dust
- 50mm road base material


Asphaltic concrete is a flexible construction material provides smooth and durable driving surfaces on roads. It is produced by mixing aggregates including fines with bitumen at high temperature and discharged into tipper trucks to be supplied and laid for infrastructure projects. The mixtures can be varied to provide different grades and types of asphaltic concrete suitable for the diverse needs of built environment – from airport runways to highways.

Our asphaltic concrete product range includes:
- Asphaltic wearing course
- Asphaltic binder course
- Dense bituminous macadam
- Stone mastic asphalts

Our plants are all accredited with JKR (Public Works Department) production standards.


Ready mixed refers to concrete that is batched for delivery from a central plant instead of being mixed on the job site. It is produced by mixing precise proportions of cement, aggregates, sand, water and where required additives to derive certain properties. The material is delivered to customers via concrete mixer trucks. 

Our ready-mix concrete product ranges includes:
- Structural concrete mixes 
- Pump mixes
- Tremie mixes
- Mass concrete / lean concrete
- Fibre reinforced concrete